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Haunted LakesThese books have delighted - and sent chills up the spines of thousands of readers! First came Haunted Lakes which tells of possessed lighthouses and tragedies that have kept troubled souls walking the corridors and beaches. Ghostly captains signaling their home port from vessels long gone - Sea Monsters that appear before the most trusted sailors of the Great Lakes. Written by noted historican Frederick Stonehouse, this is the book that set the tone for the ongoing series.
                      Lakes IIOne book simply couldn’t carry all of the hauntings of these massive lakes - so next came Haunted Lakes II. Frederick Stonehouse has collected these odd and ghostly accounts over many years of Great Lakes research and these books are a complete departure from his serious history books. These books are perfect bedtime companions. The short reads make them ideal stories for all ages, including teens and young adults.
                      Lake SuperiorThe third great book in the series is Haunted Lake Superior, our first of the Haunted Great Lakes series. This book delves into the legends and spooky tales that churn from the depths of Lake Superior. Lighthouses, ships, haunted houses and the original legends that have fascinated storytellers for years. Many new sightings and tellings are included in this latest volume from the author of The Night the Fitz Went Down. Hugh Bishop has interviewed scores of folks who swear they’ve encountered spirits of the lake region. This is another “true history” of the other influences of the Great Lake. Illustrated by Joy Morgan Dey.
Hauned Lake MichiganThe second in the Haunted Great Lakes series, Haunted Lake Michigan, this fast-reading book features the rsearch of maritime historian and accidental ghost chaser, Frederick Stonehouse. Here Stonehoused relates the tales of lost maritime spirits and cursed ships, sea monsters, UFOs, ghostly echoes of Prohibition-era murders and a deliciously horrible host of other hauntings on, in and around Lake Michigan. This book blends traditional stories with previously unpublished accounts of spooks and strange occurrences. Illustrated by Joy Morgan Dey.
Haunted Lake HuronThird in the Haunted Great Lakes series, this collection of spookiness and folklore continues to explore the scary depths of our lakes. Teeming with ghosts, superstitions and cursed ships from Lake Huron’s shores, islands and lighthouses, including a complete chapter on the ghosts of Mackinac Island and tales from Sarnia to Manitoulin and beyond. Even author Fred Stonehouse was amazed at the range of stories he found in his research of Lake Huron. Add it to your shelf with the other Haunted Great Lakes books. Illustrated by Joy Morgen Dey.
Haunted MinnesotaNow comes another book in our Haunted series, focused entirely on the spookiness of the state of Minnesota. In Haunted Minnesota you’ll find mysterious sightings, ancient legends, private hauntings and spirits in public places including well-known landmarks. Enlightening section on Bigfoot. Written by Hugh E. Bishop, author of Haunted Lake Superior, this book is for the ghost connoisseur in everyone! Illustrated by Joy Morgen Dey.

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